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Admittedly, as of late, I have been posting some blog posts which I feel were slightly uninspired or felt like I had to because I have not posted for over a week ‘so better not make it the two-week mark.’  Awful, I know.  I have felt a lack in motivation and inspiration, mainly due to my overwhelmingly busy lifestyle.

Having done the 10 K a couple of weekends ago, my energy seem to have plummeted ever since and for a week or so, I felt so tired.  Treating myself food-wise did not help either; I had a few meals out and so many sweet treats.  I do not even like sweet or chocolate-y things really but I ended up eating more than necessary, well before the Easter chocolate binge should be acceptable!  On top of that, BBG weeks 6 and 7 proved rather testing and uni deadlines and general uni/work/life stress meant my blog was put to one side.

I am currently in the middle of writing my thesis but waking up yesterday made me feel energised for a very long time – I did not suffer from afternoon slumps or sugar highs.  My afternoon naps were no longer necessary, all due to a succession of great sleep the past few evenings.  I made a conscious effort to be in bed by 11 pm and no later, something which rarely happened the last few years.  My energy has never been as great before and my motivation is back to 100%.

With this blog in mind, I thought that instead of covering every topic possible, I want to create a platform where my passions lie, rather than mere interests I dip in and out of constantly.  Thus, THE MORNING BOWL was created.  I created another instagram account for food consumption/inspiration posts only, saving my friends the hassle of having to scroll past my many food pictures in my personal account.  I thought that a corresponding blog should follow, too.

I am hoping to export most of my posts from this blog to my new one, THE MORNING BOWL, with emphasis on breakfast food.  I cannot even tell you how much I love breakfast and preaching about its benefits to various people!  Combining my love for writing, health and music, THE MORNING BOWL will be my new blog, a platform which (hopes) to serve and fuel you up with my breakfast creations (mostly experimental – I am a Chemist after all) and some ear food too.  I am a big music fan and love discovering new tracks; I feel as though other commitments limited my music searching as of late.  I will dedicate a day a week (at least) for some track appreciation.

More importantly, this new blog will feature more personal posts too as I feel that there may be a lack of that here.

I hope you guys join me in my new site – it will go live sometime around next week; I will close this site soon too though my recipes will still be featured in the new site.

I am really excited about this and will hopefully serve you up with some more inspiring posts!

Julia xo


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Julia Anduiza

Kitchen experiments and creations of a Chemistry graduate. A recent convert to the plant-based world, what originally was intended for my thrifty student days, has turned into my lifestyle. My passion lies in cooking anything from the plant kingdom, from your humble tubers to your ostentatious berries. Currently, I am devouring local and seasonal food, as well as reaping in the benefits of living ethically and sustainably - and I hope I inspire others to do the same too!

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