THE MORNING BOWL | new blog project.

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Admittedly, as of late, I have been posting some blog posts which I feel were slightly uninspired or felt like I had to because I have not posted for over a week ‘so better not make it the two-week mark.’  Awful, I know.  I have felt a lack in motivation and inspiration, mainly due to my overwhelmingly busy lifestyle.

Having done the 10 K a couple of weekends ago, my energy seem to have plummeted ever since and for a week or so, I felt so tired.  Treating myself food-wise did not help either; I had a few meals out and so many sweet treats.  I do not even like sweet or chocolate-y things really but I ended up eating more than necessary, well before the Easter chocolate binge should be acceptable!  On top of that, BBG weeks 6 and 7 proved rather testing and uni deadlines and general uni/work/life stress meant my blog was put to one side.

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REFINED SUGAR: no thanks, I’m sweet enough.

The first episode of the BBC documentary series ‘The Truth About…’ aired a few nights ago and focused on most people’s guilty pleasure and go-to snack buddy: SUGAR.  The programme was well-structured and gave very informative information regarding Britain’s sugar intake and highlighted the differences between natural and artificial sweeteners.  The effects of high sugar consumption were also presented, including its effects on our brain and eating habits.

La Duree, Paris

The programme prompted me to analyse my past relationship with the white stuff.  Sure, I barely have refined sugars nowadays and I always look for the sugar content in anything I buy from the supermarket but how smart do I have to be to ensure the 6-teaspoon daily guideline is not exceeded?

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Creamy banana porridge | Exploring the #dairyfree path

Creamy banana porridge

As previously posted, I hate food waste.  Last week, I was able to use bananas for some top-notch banana loaf.  Due to my overexcitement at the thought of fresh banana bread, I bought more than necessary, only to be left with mushy bananas for breakfast.  The solution? Embrace the bruised and mushy bananas in porridge.

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Chocolate banana loaf

This weekend I was unfortunate enough to be burdened with some wisdom tooth pain.  I had to abandon most of my commitments, including work and study, but trying out new recipes was possible; I was in dire need of coming out of an enforced liquid diet.   I experimented with Natasha Corrett’s turmeric omelette with some leftover vegetables in the fridge – I absolutely hate food waste (who doesn’t?!)  and this weekend has also allowed me to peruse some very ripe bananas I have accumulated from the last week or so.

Chocolate banana loaf - Julia Gone Rogue

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Spring runnin’ | Playlist

As we welcome March with its longer days, frequent hay-fever occurrences and daffodil-lined streets, most people use this time to ‘spring clean’ their lives/living spaces.  Personally, I am more delighted that gale-forced winds and dark nights are soon over so frequent outdoor running sessions will be back in my diary.

Nike Running - 3.55 km

A year ago, spring marked the start of my over-consumption of Mini Eggs, induced by the excitation that they are supermarket regulars once more.  This year, I am loading on complex carbs and lean protein in time for my first 10 K in two weeks’ time.

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Chocolate + cardamom porridge

As it is Fairtrade Fortnight until 8 March, I plan to support the cause by posting a couple of recipes which uses Fairtrade products.  Buying Fairtrade goods not only ensures the producers get fair wages and good working conditions, communities are also benefactors, with many schools and small businesses profiting from our everyday food and product choices.

Chocolate + cardamom porridge

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Chocolate + banana pancakes

Chocolate + banana pancakes

Pancakes aren’t just for Shrove Tuesday; they are for life.

As it was Pancake Day a few days ago, I celebrated by creating a stack of 6 pancakes, made from awesomely whole and healthy ingredients.  I cannot tell you how quickly I devoured the whole stack, leaving a very clean plate at the end.

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