THE MORNING BOWL | new blog project.

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Admittedly, as of late, I have been posting some blog posts which I feel were slightly uninspired or felt like I had to because I have not posted for over a week ‘so better not make it the two-week mark.’  Awful, I know.  I have felt a lack in motivation and inspiration, mainly due to my overwhelmingly busy lifestyle.

Having done the 10 K a couple of weekends ago, my energy seem to have plummeted ever since and for a week or so, I felt so tired.  Treating myself food-wise did not help either; I had a few meals out and so many sweet treats.  I do not even like sweet or chocolate-y things really but I ended up eating more than necessary, well before the Easter chocolate binge should be acceptable!  On top of that, BBG weeks 6 and 7 proved rather testing and uni deadlines and general uni/work/life stress meant my blog was put to one side.

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