WHAT + WHERE I ATE: Paris 2015

Paris -Julia Gone Rogue

After what felt like months at the silent study corner in my university library, I have finally re-gained some freedom after my first set of exams this year. ¬†Celebrating this feat, along with my friend Fabia’s anniversaire, a trip to Paris was booked.

After a few mishaps getting there (waking up late and taking the wrong train), Paris welcomed us in its dreary, wet and cold state.  Now, this may have been an unfortunate set of circumstances for some, but Fabia and I embraced the cold air and explored Paris on our feet, with our adventurous stomachs in tow.

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Nanashi, PARIS

Nanashi, Paris

My recent trip to Paris contained a few highlights, including a man eating my crème de marron-filled crêpe then proceeded to ask me out on a date in the middle of the street, and witnessing a cheese platter to rival every other plateau du fromage in existence.

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Banana + coconut pancakes w/ a maple-berry syrup

Pancakes - Julia Gone Rogue

As January comes to a close, the month of February unites everybody in the form of pancakes. ¬†As I am not a major Valentine’s Day fan for the extreme commercialism it exudes, stuffed animals with a gigantic love heart emblazoned on it are not the fluffy things that bring me happiness this month.

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Lucky Fox, Sheffield (Julia Gone Rogue)

Amidst the independent array of shops, boutiques and bars in Division Street comes a fairly new establishment, boasting a highly-varied all-day breakfast menu.  Lucky Fox steers clear of the plat du jour gourmet burger craze and instead, introduces Sheffield to a diner-esque menu, filled with pancakes and waffles paired with fried, savoury delights, as well as the traditional fruit toppings.

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Carrot cake porridge

oatmeal breakfast carrot cake porridge healthy lemon yoghurt paleo

Having vowed to maintain my healthy-eating habits during the bluest month of the year,¬†I am trying to spice up my breakfast game by trying to use oats in varied and exciting ways – hoping that the health kick will be sustained and I can banish those mid-day slumps. ¬†Doing¬†some careful research, I happened upon a lot of ‘baked’ oatmeal recipes… with everyone trying to trick themselves that they are having cakes for breakfast.

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Coconut, almond + cherry baked oatmeal


Exam season is well and truly upon us, involving very early days at the library. ¬†Quite dull, yes. ¬†Getting up when it’s dark is not at all ideal, but some warm breakfast and a cup of Earl Grey tends to make the experience a little less daunting.

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Healthy eating + student budget


With everyone kick-starting the new year (every year…) by being healthy, Instagram and other social media sites/apps are filled with photos and recipes of everyone trying the latest health craze – detox teas, paleo diet, quinoa, kale, etc. ¬†Admittedly, I am part of this bandwagon. I’m not a dieter per se but I love food crazes – I am all over chia seeds and nut butters at the moment.

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