Banana + coconut pancakes w/ a maple-berry syrup

Pancakes - Julia Gone Rogue

As January comes to a close, the month of February unites everybody in the form of pancakes.  As I am not a major Valentine’s Day fan for the extreme commercialism it exudes, stuffed animals with a gigantic love heart emblazoned on it are not the fluffy things that bring me happiness this month.

Having had January as the month of experimenting with brussel sprouts, kale and butternut squash, February allows me to perfect a few pancake recipes ready for the big day.  I always believe my pancake game grows strong every year, with last year’s stack filled with the hazelnut amazing-ness that is Nutella, and some fresh strawberries.

As I have changed my eating habits in the past six months, the traditional butter and plain flour concoction will be replaced. Fear not, however, as my latest creation gave the fluffiest, most delicious and impressive stack to date.

Pancakes - Julia Gone RogueWith the added nutritional values and high amount of protein on offer, these pancakes truly are the breakfast of champions: perfect for an early morning brekkie post-spin class or a healthy brunch, that will not leave you with that dreaded guilt after another helping… or four.  These can easily be made GF too, just use GF oats!

Banana + coconut pancakes w/ a maple-berry syrup

Makes 5 medium-sized pancakes

Pancake ingredients

1 very ripe banana

2 large eggs

2 tbsp rolled oats

2 tbsp desiccated coconut

1 tsp baking powder

Coconut oil, to cook

For the maple-berry syrup

2 handfuls of mixed frozen berries

1 tbsp maple syrup

Any other ingredients you may use as toppings


  1. Under medium heat, put the syrup ingredients together.
  2. Combine all the pancake ingredients, apart from the coconut oil in a blender. Blend.
  3. Heat a frying plan in medium heat. Put the coconut oil.  Once hot, pour the pancake batter.  My pancakes were about 10 cm in diameter.
  4. Cook 3-4 minutes total on both sides – these will rise beautifully and cook easily too.  Be careful as the bubbles may not form on top but the underside layer may be browning quite rapidly.
  5. Whilst cooking the pancakes, keep an eye out every now and then for the syrup. The mixture will become  watery at first as the berries defrost but once the fruits are soft and defrosted, turn the heat down and let it simmer, not letting it boil.
  6. Once the components are cooked, assemble your pancakes to your liking!  My personal preference was alternate layers of pancakes and banana coins, topped with more banana coins, drizzled with the syrup, and sprinkled with some desiccated coconut for an added crunch.

Sit back and admire your wonderful stack!

Will you be sharing or tweaking any pancake recipes this month?


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Julia Anduiza

Kitchen experiments and creations of a Chemistry graduate. A recent convert to the plant-based world, what originally was intended for my thrifty student days, has turned into my lifestyle. My passion lies in cooking anything from the plant kingdom, from your humble tubers to your ostentatious berries. Currently, I am devouring local and seasonal food, as well as reaping in the benefits of living ethically and sustainably - and I hope I inspire others to do the same too!

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