There are some great Christmas covers, ya know.

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As we have been bombarded with everything festive and yuletide-related for the past few weeks, we have been accustomed to agreeing that we like it all for fear that we may be regarded as a Scrooge.

I am not saying that I lie, per se, about liking certain customs, but there are a few things I’d rather miss out on; I am not a big fan of the over-priced and tacky Christmas jumpers people wear.  It screams commercialism outrageously. 

‘Christmas covers’ is also a divisive topic at this time of year, perhaps spurred on by the disbelief that the Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber collab even happened.  However, during my twenty-one years of Christmas celebrations, there are some decent Christmas covers that are worth listening to whilst unwrapping your gifts by the fire as you kiss your other half under the mistletoe etc. etc.

My top five Christmas covers:

1. Last Christmas (originally by Wham!); cover by Florence + The Machine.

There isn’t an actual recording but I happened upon it when a link was posted on Facebook.  I believe this was recorded from a BBC Radio 1 party.

2. Last Christmas (again); cover by The xx.

From the Live Lounge.  The familiar xx touch echoes through this and it’s just an amazing cover.  Definitely one for a chilled Christmas album/playlist.

3. Baby It’s Cold Outside (originally by Frank Loesser); cover by Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone.

I feel as though this song screams New York City.

4. Santa Baby (originally by Eartha Kitt); cover by Michael Bublé.

No Christmas party/dinner is complete without his album being played on repeat.  A few times.

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (originally by Judy Garland); cover by Frank Sinatra (modified lyrics).

Saving the last for something personal as this reminds me of my Grandma’s house during Christmas, where she often plays a lot of Frank Sinatra and many Motown Christmas covers.

Have a great Christmas guys!

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Kitchen experiments and creations of a Chemistry graduate. A recent convert to the plant-based world, what originally was intended for my thrifty student days, has turned into my lifestyle. My passion lies in cooking anything from the plant kingdom, from your humble tubers to your ostentatious berries. Currently, I am devouring local and seasonal food, as well as reaping in the benefits of living ethically and sustainably - and I hope I inspire others to do the same too!

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